Upgrade of the High Dependency Unit (HDU)

PROJECT TITLE: Upgrade of The High Dependency Unit(HDU)
LOCATION CoRSU, Kisubi(Uganda)
SECTORS OF WORK ▪ Infrastructure
▪ Equipment
▪ Service delivery
TARGETED BENEFICIARIES Persons with disabilities and in particular
a. Project description
Since CoRSU opened in 2009, the complexity and the number of surgeries have been increasing
and there has been steady escalation in the number of patients requiring more intensive postoperative care. The latter is usually provided in a special area, The High Dependency Unit (HDU)
which is located within the patients’ general ward.
The current HDU at CoRSU is a basic 4-bedded unit equipped with piped oxygen, one suction
machine and 4 vital signs monitors. Records shows that on average, at least 4 patients require
HDU/ICU services per day with a length of stay ranging between 1 to 6 days.
In previous years, CoRSU had to refer to a few cases of infants and very young children with
both pre and post-operative respiratory distress to better equipped centers and the condition
often settled over 48hrs with nasal CPAP.
It is worth noting that luck of a fully capacitated HDU/ICU leaves transferring an unstable
patient to an ICU as the only option which may lead to disastrous outcomes on the patient’s
life. In addition to this, the cost for referring patients to ICU services ranges from 1.7 million
shillings (approx.485 Euro) per person which is very high.
Alongside the upgrading of the existing HDU, this proposal intends to address the need of
procuring specific and missing medical equipment such as the CPAP machine, the Video
Laryngoscope which is used in the operating theatre and the ICU for patients with complex
airways. The equipment will also be central in the field of anesthesia and resuscitation during
Infants are always referred to International Hospital Kampala (IHK) for ICU services
CPAP refers to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
ICU refers to intensive Care Unitb. Target population and number of beneficiaries
The activities considered in this proposal will allow for the establishment of an HDU/ICU
and further equipping for the theatre at CoRSU Hospital. The project will be
implemented through hospital based activities and the targeted geographical area will
be patients from all walks of life including both within the country and other
neighboring countries lie South Sudan, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Congo among others.
CoRSU hospital performs a total of 5,000 surgical procedures annually. Out of these, a
total of 480 children and adults will be admitted at the HDU/ICU annually.
c. Main objective
To expand, equip and maintain the existing hospital infrastructure to enable CoRSU
Rehabilitation Hospital to deliver quality health care.
d. Main activities
▪ To carry out infrastructure works that would lead to refurbishment of the HDU
and ICU.
▪ Procurement of medical equipment for the HDU and ICU.
e. Budget summary
S/N Items EURO
1 Supporting infrastructural development in terms of upgrading
the HDU and ICU (Elevating walls, fixing windows, sockets ,
painting, extractor fans among others)
2 Procuring medical equipment for the HDU and ICU at CoRSU 64,000
3 Procurement of video laryngoscope for theatre – C Mac 20,000
4 CoRSU Administrative cost 5% 4,960
5 TOTAL 104.170
f. Expected results and outcomes
▪ Upgrades of the existing mini HDU to a fully functional HDU/ICU wing with a
provision of 6 beds.
▪ Acquisition of the following equipment; ( a system for piped oxygen and air (6),
with emergency trolley (1), defibrillator (1), syringe pumps (18), suction
machines(6), oxygen cylinders (4), CPAP machine (2), static HDU Monitors to be
used in the HDU and ICU.
▪ Acquisition of one video laryngoscope for the theatre.
CONTACT PERSON: David Rogers Kintu
Rotary Club of Kampala-Ssese Islands
President 2021/22