Rotary Club of Kampala Ssese Islands

Serve to change Lives! A perfectly fitting theme for me as a person and very inspiring for everyone, both Rotarians and Partners of Rotary. The Rotary year 2021/2022 has two key aspects, we are in a new Rotary District D9213 and our Club is 30 years old, both are indicative of growth. As the 30th President of the great Rotary Club of Kampala-Ssese Islands, I can only call for more effort, hence more growth. Let’s consolidate!

This year we wish to contribute to our growth through cohorts, a lesson Covid 19 has taught us, that even when physically apart, we can still fellowship and contribute to the Club and still do life together, I therefore call upon all Club members to strengthen their cohorts, and look forward to celebrating through the cohort awards.

As part of Public relations, we would like to thank Ruth my colleague at work who redesigned our website, and encourage you to share this website with family and friends to see what we do in Rotary, and the whole history of our 30 years will eventually be uploaded on this website. Please note that the Donate button on the website is indeed to help us raise funds for our projects, so whenever you are able, Donate.

We are at a time when we are winding up most of our projects, and starting a number of new projects, I appreciate the last two years when we have had on average 5 Global Grants running at the same time, I personally believe we can have ten Global Grants running at the same time.

Wishing you all a fruitful year ahead! Let’s Serve to Change Lives.