Cleaning Policy

Payment: Unless you are invoiced monthly, full payment is required upon completion of the cleaning service. You may pay by cheque/ bank draft (payable to Ambitious cleaning services Ltd.) or by Electronic transfer and outstanding balances must be paid prior to the next cleaning.


We are happy to reschedule your cleaning. However, we do require a 24-hour rescheduling notice. You can reschedule an appointment by contacting us on our landline or Mobile cellphone. There is no charge for rescheduling with 24-hour notice on business days (Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm) and Saturday 9:00am- 1:00pm.

Entry to the premises

Our clients will have to provide us with keys to their premises. Rest assured we take the utmost care in protecting both your key and your premise. Keys are number coded and have no names or street addresses attached to them. If we were to misplace your key, we would pay to have your home re-keyed. All keys are immediately returned upon cessation of service.

If you decide not to issue a key to Ambitious cleaning service, and no one will be available during the cleaning, you may choose to leave a door unlocked or place a spare key in a secured place for the Cleaning Technicians to gain access to your premise. In this case, you release Ambitious Cleaning Services of any liability that may arise from any damages or theft to your home as we cannot guarantee that we are the only ones who will have access to your premise that day.

Employee Solicitation

When entering into an agreement for services with Ambitious Cleaning Services, you agree not to solicit for hire any staff member introduced to you by Ambitious Cleaning Service for any home-related services. If you are found to have solicited one of our staff members, please be advised that you shall be liable to a referral/ training fee payable to Ambitious Cleaning Services immediately upon employing our staff for any services to your home/ business.

Holidays and office closings

Our office will be closed and there will be no cleanings scheduled on public holidays and Sundays: