Congratulations to you on assuming the highest position at the Rotary Club of Kampala Ssese Islands( RKSI)

District Governor Elect Edward Kakembo Nsubuga

Dear President David,

I also take this opportunity to congratulate the entire membership  for an outstanding contribution to the community, at the time when we were experiencing the worst hit of Covid Pandemic. You remained visible both at District and International Level with your members serving in various positions. No wonder, your Club has produced another Assistant Governor Petra Sansa whom I will be serving with this Rotary year and also having served with her as Presidents during the Connecting year!

I further congratulate you President Alexis Tugume and your entire Board upon completion of  successful Opportunity year covid-19 not withstanding. Please support and guide President David.  I also salute out going Assistant Governor Samuel Mukasa for the time he gave me to make me understand this great Rotary Club.

 President David, the Club chose you to carry the mantle of leading them  and now the District leadership and members of your club have their eyes on you as you take the club to the next level in this one Rotary year of service.  I am personally proud of you and very confident that you will guide your team to the achievement of goals that were discussed and set at the retreat. Please remember to always be accountable to the Club by giving them reports of what you have been able to achieve or not

Our Rotary Theme for the year 2021- 2022 is “Serve to Change Lives”. This is indeed very true to RKSI. You changed lives in areas where you have done projects; Your presence in Kalangala Ssese Islands, Ddagye and others is surely felt. You only need to do better this year.

RI President (2021-22) Shekhar Mehta calls upon us to Do more and Grow more”.  Iam aware of your plans to do six Global Grants this Rotary year as well as recruiting more members to to the Club. Let us use these big numbers to do more in our communities but above all with FUN filled activities for both recruitment and retention of members not forgetting engagement of these members. Iam particularly excited by the COHORT system that was adopted by the Club. This is a very good innovation that will take the Club to greater heights.

Lastly, I want to thank the entire membership of RKSI and 2021/2022 Board for accepting me to work with you as you Assistant Governor. I belong to the Namugongo Cohort where I promise to be a very active member.  I have already learnt alot from you and also pledge to offer my support and guidance.

To you President David, as Kampala Area 3( RKSI, RC Buloba, RC Kla 7 Hills, RC Kla Impala, RC Kla Metropolitan and RC Nakawa) , we started well and I want to assure that we shall end the year many achievements. My appeal to you and the rest of the team  has always been and is that lets work together as a team  and  ENJOY YOUR YEAR OF SERVICE with SMILES

I thank you and congratulate you once again
Kayitarama Godfrey
Assistant Governor 2021/2022(Kampala  Area 3)

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